The 17 MW "Xerovouni" Wind park is built in the area of Platanos Nafpaktias in the Prefecture of Etoloakarnania. More specifically, the wind generators are installed in ridge of Xerovouni mountain, 2 km NE from Platanos and 25 km N of the city of Nafpaktos. (Google map)


Description of the Wind Farm

  • Twenty wind generators GAMESA G52/850kW with 52 m impeller diameter and 44m hub height
  • Installation of a 44 m meteorological mast
  • Road construction within the park for a total length 3,5 km, improvement of access dirt road at a length of 4,8 km and improvement of asphalt road with 20 minor/temporary alterations
  • Erection of a 110 m2 Control building for monitoring and controlling the generators which is also used for spare parts warehouse. A 80 m2 snowing station is erected at the beginning of dirt road.
  • Two 20 kV independent lines for the transportation of generated power to the transfer station. The length of the lines is 23,8 km, 2,3 km of which is underground.
  • A transfer station 20-150 kV, in an area of 15.000 m2, build in 5 levels with 2 control buildings.

The wind farm is operating since October 2012 (Photos)


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