Perganti Akarnanikon S.A. is an SPV (special purpose venture) founded in 2009 mainly in order to develop, construct, own and operate Wind Farms.

Currently Perganti Akarnanikon S.A. owns and operates the Wind Farm “Perganti”


The 41.8MW Wind Farm “Perganti” is located on Perganti Mountain of the Akarnanian Mountains, in the Municipality of Aktio – Vonitsa, in the Prefecture of Etoloakarnania. (Google map)

Description of the Wind Farm

  • 11 GENERAL ELECTRIC wind turbines type GE130- 3.8MW (130m impeller diameter & 80m hub height).
  • 240 m2 Control Building in the Wind Farm area for monitoring and controlling the generators.
  • 8.8 Km of 33KV overhead Transmission Line with 27 high voltage Lattice Towers from the Control Building to the Substation. The line is constructed according to IPTO typology for double circuit high voltage line or 2B/150 (Series 4).
  • 33/150KV Substation at Katouna village. The building is ​​approximately 220 m2 and lies in a private land of 13,7 acres nessecary for the installation of the e/m equipment, such as :
    • Transformer 150/33 kV of 50/63 MVA power
    • 150 kV Equipment , approved by PPC
    • 33 kV equipment
  • Approximately 7.1 km Internal forestry road of 5m width.
  • New access forestry road of 2km and improvement of existing forestry road for aprox. 1.8Km

The wind farm is operating since October 2019


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